Lovely Trash Column

We use 3d printing to make our living designs inspired by nature and designed for it. We created an algorithm that generates shapes conductive to the growth of the mycelium. The shapes generated reproduce the ideal climate for the growth of fungi by retaining moisture in their interstices and protecting the mycelium from air flow. Thus, the mycelium can develop to its maximum capacity in these warm and humid spaces. 

Mycelium 3d print column
Mycelium 3d print column

We explore the potential of mycelium to take over theses shapes robotically built and see how it can intervene in the aesthetic composition of theses architectures. Each one of our piece is unique according to the way the organism grows.

Our 3d printed column was generated to accommodate the climatic needs of mycelium: the need to have a lot of humidity  warmth and to be protected from airstreams. The algorithm was created by taking inspiration from sections of stems and roots.

W3A-Casuarina-1 copie.jpg
Mycelium 3d print plan
Mycelium 3d print column