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There is no such thing as waste in nature. The trash of an organism becomes the ressource of an other one, this ecosystem makes every forest constantly retransformed. We want to create such an ecosystem in cities which produce tonnes of waste every month.


‘Lovely Trash’ is a circular project where coffee cup waste is recycled with mycelium, the root network of mushrooms, to make furniture. We aim to create an ecosystem in cities where waste is transformed into something beautiful once again. With the help of nature, we create objects for our daily life from our everyday trash.

not recycled

Due to a thin layer of plastic placed inside the cups, they are very hard to degrade and can't be recycled. Cities spend a lot of money sorting out the coffee cups from the rest of the recyclable trash. In more than 99,75% of case, your coffee cup ends up in a Landfill.

We decided to act and to transform

coffee cup waste into a resource.

Used coffee cups


Sustainable furniture

we collect coffee cups

network of collect of coffee cups

We are creating partnerships with various coffee shops around London who collect used coffee cups from their customers for us to recycle. We are very happy to see now customers coming back to their coffee shops to give away their old cups.

we recycle the cups with mycelium

what is mycelium

Mushroom is composed of two parts: the fruiting body which is ment to spread spores to reproduce and mycelium which is the root system of the mushroom. Mycelium is the biggest part of the mushroom, composed of a network of thin filaments, it scans the soil searching for organic matter.

how does it recycle coffee cups

We process the cups into a substrate that we make digest by mycelium, the root network of mushrooms. The mycelium feeds on the organic matter of the coffee cups to grow. 

waste becomes a biomaterial

sustainable material

Since a decade, dried mycelium is used as a biomaterial for insulation purposes, packaging and design because of its very interesting properties:

shapes conductive to mycelium growth

In order to increase the growth of mycelium, we designed geometries inspired by nature with a lot of interstices to retain moisture and a with a maximum of surface in contact with air allowing the mycelium to create a thick skin.

form follows nature

save cups from

the landfill

purchase one of our designs and save cups from the landfill

With this process and material, we are able to make objects and furtinure of various scale: from detailed cups and vases to stools and armschairs. 



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