This is a Mini Reproduction of our Floating Tree n°2. It was 3d printed with a recycled PLA and cardboard filament. This piece was made thanks to a 3d scanning of our original 3d printed Floating Tree!


Dimension: H9cm x Ø4,5cm


Mini Floating Tree

  • Floating Tree Collection

    The Floating Tree collection has been generated with an algorithm that develops shapes adapted both for the growth of mycelium and for the 3d printing with our robot. The structure of the shapes mimic the geometries of tree trunks.

    The shape digitally conceived reproduces the ideal climate for the growth of fungi by retaining moisture in their interstices and protecting the mycelium from air flow.

    We explore the potential of mycelium to take over theses shapes robotically built and see how it can intervene in the aesthetic composition of these artefacts.