3d printed object made from mycelium grown on coffee cup waste.

This sculpture is part of the Lovely Trash Column. This is the top part: pieces n°5 and 6 which bio-welded together.


Dimensions H43cm x Ø28cm

Piece of Column n°3 & 4 (welded)

  • Lovely Trash Column

    This is a piece of our Lovely Trash Column. To design it, we took inspiration from Acacia tree trunks and the way their shape is made to conduct water through the tree. 

    We created an algorithm that mimics this behavior in order to generate shapes conductive to the growth of the mycelium.

    The shape digitally conceived reproduces the ideal climate for the growth of fungi by retaining moisture in their interstices and protecting the mycelium from air flow.

    We explore the potential of mycelium to take over theses shapes robotically built and see how it can intervene in the aesthetic composition of these artefacts.