Lovely Trash Column

A mycelium column 3d printed from recycled urban waste collected in London. The column was generated with an algorithm which calculates shapes adapted to the growth of mycelium.

Plan 3d printed mycelium column

Mars & Beyond

Collaboration with

Andy Lomas at

OXO Tower

London, UK - 2020

Bio-design Here Now

London Design Festival

London, UK - 2019

Routes of Design

Victoria & Albert Museum

London, UK - 2019

Lovely Trash

Solo exhibition

Galerie Françoise Besson

Lyon, France - 2020


Cactus Column

This 3d printed column was inspired by the shapes of cactus and their ability to retain humidity in their folds. It is part of an ecosystem in the city where waste becomes a ressource.

Nouvelles floraisons

Editions Françoise Besson

Lyon, France - 2020

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