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Blue Tree

London, 2021

The Blue Tree is a 3d printed column made from used coffee cups dyed with a natural blue pigment shaped into an organic trunk like shape. This artefact is about artificial waste becoming natural again and about cardboard waste being transformed into a new kind of tree.


The column was designed to be able to host insects and plants with interstices and crevasses in which the different organisms. Our 3d printing process gives us the ability to work at both the human and insect scales. 

Blue Tree_Loewe.jpg
Blue Tree_Loewe 2.jpg

Finalist of Loewe Craft Prize

"An otherworldly artefact that blurs the line between art and architecture, this artificial tree is also a tall representation of the full circle of nature. By using scavenged paper coffee cups, the artists question the way we discard single-use, human-made objects.

The resplendently blue tree gives the material new longevity by transforming it into an ancient-looking column with a stake in a longer, more promising future.

Inspired by vegetal geometries with tiny crevasses added for insects to shelter and smaller plants to grow, the paper-pulp made tree is embellished with blue pigment. Standing tall, it suddenly becomes part of a new urban eco-system where waste products contribute rather than detract from the environment."

Loewe Foundation, 2022

photos curtesy of the Loewe Foundation

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